Life is falling to pieces: an illustrated journal

Life tends to suck if you let it. An illustrated journal about the way I've totally screwed up my life and (hopefully) how I'm going to get myself out of it.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Entry #80: Another entry from a month ago!

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Ok, so this is like the last of the unpublished entries. Sure, it looks like everything will go smoothly by the end of that entry... but when does anything ever work out as planned??? Sure enough, my relief at the end of that evening was soon shattered! (Damnit!)

Anyway, I'm currently writing an entry that will update everything and discribe everything up to date, in a finely (ok, maybe not finely) illustrated manner. Although I do promise that the handwriting in my next entry will be a little easier to read. Somewhat more legible, I assure you. (Not that its finished yet... so who knows. I'm not known for my fine penmenship. >:P )

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Entry #79: Don't be confused... this entry is a month old. O_O

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Seriously though... that old man started ranting and raving about how we didn't have to lie to him if we didn't want to give him money and how it was such sacriledge to have lied to him on a Sunday and how its the one day out of the week you shouldn't lie and he just kept preaching and preaching and we couldn't go anywhere! We were just stuck in traffic under the underpass of the bridge! It was horrible. I mean first of all, he asked my boyfriend. My boyfriend has cancer and is unemployed. He has no money. Unless the man expected us to go sifting through the clutter looking for some loose change, he was out of luck. However, he refused to believe that because OBVIOUSLY if one owns a rundown work vechicle such as the van, one must OBVIOUSLY have money on them. I myself had only a little bit of cash on me, but that was accounted for regarding gas for the van and lunch for the cast. Of course, the old man didn't ask me and his lecture was all directed at my boyfriend.. but thats not the point! The guy was a jerk for jumping to conclusions and his great big lecture was based off assumptions! Plus, my boyfriend ain't christian, so I don't really thing the whole Sunday thing applies to him.. not that it would have mattered any to that guy.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Entry #78: I dont know if this actually counts...

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The above was not actually written in any journal. Truth be told, my scanner hasn't been hooked up all month! :x
Ok... updates... hmm...

Well, aside from the fact that I'm obviously still alive, I have two fully written updates in my journal that were done before 2007 began and a couple of entries that I thought about writing... but obviously did not. They're coming! I swear! I've just been preoccupied with holidays, filming, stress over rescheduling filming, editing, getting everything in so I can actually pass the damn class, and followed up by slacking off for a week.

You are officially up to date.

I unplugged my scanner to make room for my hard drives and camera and other video related essentials and haven't hooked it back up since. I'm good for laziness like that. The above illustration was done on my snazzy new wacom tablet that I got from Santa. ^^ It was done quickly, so excuse the sloppiness, since I wanted to reply to the recient surge in "Where the hell are you?!"s and "Are you still alive?" responses I've been getting. Its cool to know you all still care. ^^

Alright.. new incentive. I'll try to get my journal all updated with back updates and new updates by monday. (Much to the dismay of my angry computer, I'll be away for the weekend. Going to be filming another project with a friend...speaking of which, crap, I forgot to call her back! XP

Anyway.. enjoy the comic. I gotsta jet! :D